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Part of the mission of the BLM is the management and preservation of the cultural and heritage resources found on America's public lands - prehistoric and historic. The author created this website as a BLM employee and continues to ate and enhance the site in retirement as a volunteer.

This website now has a permanent home courtesy of the Society for Historical Archaeology SHA. What is the age of the bottle? What type of bottle is it? This entire website is essentially a "key" - albeit a complex one - to the dating and typing typology of historic bottles.

In addition, this site also assists the user with these questions:. What technology, techniques, or processes were used to manufacture the bottle? Where can I go for more information on historic bottles? Blow -pipe pontil scar. Bottle ca.

This website will explain why this sharp glass mark on the base of a bottle is a key midth century and earlier diagnostic characteristic. Even then, the bottles discussed in depth are so primarily to illustrate the presented information and concepts. Many hundreds of specific historic bottles are used as examples within the pages of this website to illustrate the concepts discussed; with luck you may find the specific bottle you have an interest in discussed though typically you will not.

This website is intended for HOW TO USE THIS SITE. Some of the embossed markings on the bottle base above are a great information source for 20th century bottle identification; some are meaningless.

This bottle is an Owens-Illinois Glass Company produced beer bottle made in by the Oakland, CA. This website will help you determine what to look for when identifying and dating historic bottles. I can be reached at debbiedoos43 gmail. Home decor projects using stencils Boho Farmhouse Etsy Store Dollar tree Fall decor and craft ideas. Manganese dioxide induced colorless glass was, however, by far most commonly used from the s to about the end of World War 1. At that time manganese dioxide use was greatly reduced for a variety of reasons, although largely because it did not work as well as other chemical decolorizers in the open continuous glass tanks used by the increasingly dominant bottle making machines - both semi-automatic and automatic.

It is often noted in the literature that the reason for the switch from manganese dioxide to other decolorants was due to the cut-off of German imports to the U. during WW1. Although all imports from Germany and Europe in general were greatly constricted during this time, Germany was not a significant source of manganese for the U.

It should be noted that occasional manganese dioxide decolorized bottles may date as early as the s or as late as the s, although the large majority of bottles made with manganese decolorized glass were made between about and I found some other pretty images of purple vintage bottles. Purple and pansies. vintage purple bottles. I never knew the history behind colored class.

I obviously love it and have tempted a time or two to dye glass myself. My first dyed glass vase was such a hit, I went on to do a few more. You can check out my Rit dye gallery to see for yourself just how you too can dye glass. In fact, this old recycled stained glass window I stained glass myself.

You can see a pattern or a color trend of purple with me lately. Purple or violet assists those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment - it expands our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness. For this reason it is associated with transformation of the soul and the philosophers of the world are often attracted to it.

And yes, my coffee table is a mess, and pillows are scattered about. I made some changes to the mantel and made a fun new banner. Will share soon.

Just something fast and simple before Fall gets here. If you ever missed my history lessons on the meaning of a red door. or perhaps the history of stained glass. You can hang out for a while and brush up on your history. Related posts:. Decorating with vintage scales. DIY Dollar Tree Beehives. Simple Fall Porch Decorating. Comments How interesting, Debbie! Your purple bottles are so pretty. I love your living room rug. Thanks Penny, that came from Pottery barn {actually } but it is is a pottery barn rug.

Hello Debbie, Very interesting. Do you think this is the same way other colors are made? Love your display. Thank you Heather!

They are all over the place now in purple here at least. Bode Extract Company, Chicago, Illinois Gustav Augustus Bode, proprietor. Mark seen on the heel of a few hutch soda bottles. Bode evidently manufactured bottles from c. He passed away in Thanks to Joel Ferguson for sending me this info!

Chas Boldt Glass Company, Cincinnati, OH and Huntington, WV unknown meaning, but presumably the mark of an unidentified glass bottle manufacturer from Great Britain. Please see this webpage: Bottle within an oval mark. B in a diamond mark on upscale glassware indicates that company. Please see this page for more information.

COBrunswick Pharmacal Company, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Seen on small cobalt medicinal bottles, dating perhaps from about Actual glass manufacturer is unknown, but Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, MD a prolific maker of cobalt blue bottles after could be one possibility.

Seen on the base of wax sealer fruit jars.

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The actual ending date was not given. So presumably the jars found with either of these marks would date between about and BRODY CO. on the base of a green glass florist bowl, circa s Brody E. Brody Co E. Brody Company, Cleveland, Ohio to date. This is not a glass company, but a distributor of products made especially for the florist industry.

See more information here on the E. Brody Company. usually embossed across the face of the bottle. Bromo-Seltzer was an extremely popular drug, in the form of a powder, introduced circa For more information, please see the Bromo Seltzer page. Brookfield On glass electrical insulators, shown at right. Brookfield Glass Company c. For more information, see Bushwick Glass Works Brookfield Glass Company page.

Brooklyn Glass Bottle Works. Brooklyn Glass Bottle Works, Brooklyn, New York. Time period when this plant was in operation is uncertain. From the type and general style of bottle which carries the mark early cylinder whiskeyit looks like the company was probably in operation during the s or s. They appear to date from the mid- s.

unidentified with certainty. The initials are also found on the bottom of some Worcestershire Sauce bottles, also indicating an English origin. BTK monogram Photo courtesy of Eric Hulten BTK monogram shown. unknown mark order of the letters are in question, so could be meant as BKT or TBK.

This bottle might be from somewhere in Europe or Asia; probably not of US manufacture. This was actually a hair dressing made with Coconut Oil, promoted as a product guaranteed to give the hair a more luxurious, healthy appearance. Contrary to what some collectors might assume upon finding a bottle with this embossing, the product did not contain cocaine unlike some of the products being sold in the mid and late s that did indeed contain that ingredient.

First sold in by Joseph Burnett of Southborough, Massachusetts, it was a popular product for many years and was still available into the early 20th century. Several variations of the bottles exist.

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The glassmaker is uncertain, but it is probable that one or more bottle companies located within or near the Boston area manufactured these bottles. Bushwick Glass Works. Bushwick Glass Works, Brooklyn, New York c.

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More commonly known under the name Brookfield Glass Company. Prolific maker of glass electrical insulators, they also made large quantities of bottles and jars, the great majority of which were not marked with the company name.

See my webpage with more info here: Brookfield Glass Company. Reported on the base of an aqua strapside flask, possibly era. The embossing is not strong, so it is possible one of the letters has been misread.

If you have a flask with this marking, please let me know! B superimposed over W or W superimposed over B Uncertain. Zimmerman Art Glass Company, Corydon, Indiana to present. This particular mark indicates a piece made by Bart Zimmerman one of two sons of owner Joseph Zimmerman who joined the company in Tragically, in August ofBart along with another victim drowned in an attempt to help rescue some fishermen whose boat had overturned in a boating accident on the Ohio River below Cannelton Dam.

I found a vintage whiskey bottle in the wilderness here in west coast Canada. It is clear and flat with a distinct stamp on the bottom. It has a diamond shape with a D in the centre. Thank you!

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Take care, David. It still has the pharmacy label attached and is dated Hi Sharron, I appreciate the info! Thanks again for posting, David. I have found a large amount of old glass along the shore edge on a bay in Texas that has been developed recently. One bottle base I am looking at is amber, very worn with markings of,B in center, then a number 1, under those it has 7 OZ.

I also found variety of intact small glass bottles. If inside a circle, that would be a product of Brockway Glass Company. Thanks for writing, David. Hi, love this info, I found a piece of brown beach glass imprinted with DIN and 33 under it, any idea? Thank you. Maybe a reader will recognize this and tell us what it means. Does it look like there could have been other letters which are missing if the piece was broken?

No it is clear DIN with line above and below it, then 33 below it, thanks I appreciate your prompt answer.

Nancy, thank you for the clarification. Hopefully someone will have info on what this means! Where do you recommend I go to learn about the production history of european wine bottles? esp French bottles? Also, I suspect that there are probably authoritative, comprehensive reference books on this subject that are written in the French language, which I cannot read or speak! Hope this helps! I found it easier to date the Ball mason jars as opposed to the Kerr jars. I understand Kerr brand disappeared in I also know that the self sealing jars were made in later years.

Hi Robin, From information published in the following detailed article on Kerr by Bill Lockhart URL followingthe SELF SEALING jars were made over a very long period of time, with several base embossing variations.

They were first made inand other versions were produced as late as the s. I hope this helps! Hi Ken, Thanks for the info. However I suspect that the bottle with the triangle and the mold number inside is from a later era, since it was very pale gray-amethyst, typical of some food bottles made in the s period.

Best regards, David. Lime Green quart canning jar, labeled on base as PUTNAM 6. PATENT OFFICE.

  Today I am sharing some History of Vintage purple bottles. I found these vintage purple bottles last year at a local antique mall. They were not that expensive. The prices varied per size. I think the most I paid for the largest bottle was $ I fell in love with the Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins It is possible that many or most of the turn-mold bottles sold by American glass makers were imported and not actually produced in the U.S. May Jones, in the first volume of her nine volume bottle history booklets called collectively the The Bottle Trail, quotes a Owens-Illinois Company provided history that notes that their predecessor (Illinois Glass Company) imported the turn-mold bottles   GLASS BOTTLE MARKS. GLASS FACTORY INFORMATION Antique Glassware Manufacturers' Marks, Logos & Emblems used by Glassmaking Companies in the USA Antique Bottles Fruit Jars Glass Electrical Insulators Tableware Dating Information Articles about different types of Glass, Vintage & Antique Summary Articles on Selected Glass werkpartners.netted Reading Time: 10 mins

I have done internet searches; no results. I have Reese blood tab bottle green ssys blood and system tonic numbers on bottom clc co 2 wondering how old, thanks. They made a lot of bottles in shades of blue, green and teal as well as clear and other colors. Any Info on what a V inside a keystone was? Hi Shawna, Unfortunately I have no information on that mark. Thanks and take care, David. Hi David, please contact me about Maryland Glass Corp site, I have lots of new information about other Maryland Glass Corp bottle marks not listed, and other Maryland Glass Corp info newly discovered as we were adding to our MGC collection, almost different Cobalt Blue bottles, items made at MGC on display.

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I also wrote an article about MGC for ABGC magazine in Any way to come to the Bromo Seltzer Tower for a tour of our collections, or call me. Thank You Ernie Dimler,Curator, Conservator. I would be Honored to help. I love your site. We have expanded 2 times and I now occupy 3 full rooms at the tower. This July our museum turns 5 years old. Hi Ernie, Thanks a lot for your post!

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I appreciate your nice comments on my site. Is your article currently posted online? I would be happy to post a link to it, or at least give more info on the magazine where it appeared.

Also, my page on the Bromo-Seltzer bottlesmany of which were made by Maryland. And yes I have and love these blue bottles! Just another interesting fact of advertising! Hi David, I have a satin glass in orange swirl jack-in-pulpit glass vase with a unique manufacturers mark, I see a castle, my sister sees a dog. I am very interested in finding out who made the piece for my records. I can send you a photo if that would help. Hi Myles, Thank you for the photo. On the base is an etched 7. Its smooth on the base but a indented round piece which is smooth also in middle of the base.

The bottle has a vertical lines around the base.

Do you know why? Thanks much! There are still millions of glass bottles being made here in the US every year, BUT the actual number of glass container companies has shrunk to only a handful, and most of those are HUGE multi-billion dollar corporations. There used to be over a hundred glass container companies operating during the late s in the U. S, counting large companies such as Whitall-Tatum and small to medium sized companies such as Kentucky Glass Works Company of Louisville. The number kept shrinking through the early and mids.

The same general thing seems to have happened in many types of businesses over the last many decades. For instance, telephone companies. There were hundreds of small telephone companies in the early s, now there are only a handful that control most of the market, as consolidation kept happening.

There used to be GOBS of railroad companies, now just a handful controlling most railroad lines. Same with many other businesses.

Most containers you might find on supermarket store shelves currently that were made here in the US would be those made by Owens-Illinois O-IAnchor Glass Packaging, and Ardagh Group. All of those corporations have glass manufacturing factories scattered around the country.

Antique/Vintage Clear Glass Bottles W/Added Apothecary Labels Bottle Vases Vintage Display Antique Display Farmhouse Decor Country Decor stoneridgeattic 5 out of 5 stars (1,) $ Add to Favorites Antique Clear Glass Bottles

Hope this helps a bit! Can you please elaborate on what type of glassware this mark is on? Thank you and best regards, David. I found what appears to be a whiskey bottle, square base, ml, glass and cork stopper with a tugboat and the numbers Found on the Arkansas River in Colorado?

Please help. Newark Star Glass Works, Newark, Ohio. Thank you for all of your knowledge and time!! I have a bottle marked Richards wine 10E42 with what looks like a vase on the bottom of the bottle.

Three sides of the bottle are embossed with a diamond print. One side is just plain glass. The number 6 is in the front lower corner.

Do you know when this bottle was manufactured and by whom? Thank you so much for your time!! Best regards, jeanie.

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I found it in a really old root cellar in the woods. I believe most of those date from around to I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and dedication with this website. I think your work is so wonderful, and am so happy to see your evident passion for the information you share on your page. Dea, that is very kind of you. THANK YOU for your nice words about the site!

OK I need help with some wine goblets that I have had forever. I believe I purchased them from a garage sale. Anyway, they are clear and cobalt blue with a gold trim. They have a unique stamp on them and it says made in Mexico.

Bottles 101: Bottles We Dont Want

I can not seem to find any info on these. Hi there, this is a very fascinating page, thank you for sharing all of your knowledge ?? I had many tall fir trees out the back and recently had them took down.

Amongst them a bottle was found with a substance in it, maybe a quarter full! It is brown and wide rounded with a cork at the top and circle handles, on the base it says AL 29 L 8 U G B.

Have you any idea what this could be? Hi Tina, I am not familiar with the coding system used on the UGB bottles. Thanks and best regards, David. This site is amazing! So much knowledge! I had no idea how interesting this could be to learn. Thanks for sharing your knowledge David!!!!!!!!

I am struggling to date older canning jars. I have a few odd ones that do not appear on websites. These jars have bubbles in glass. Can you suggest where I mayblocate more info on these jars? Hi Kim, As you know, those are all jars made in Canada.

I am not personally familiar with them. net discussion site, where they have a forum for jar collectors. Hope this helps, David.

I have a bottle that is very old. It says C. It was dug up in va beach va.

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Any help is appreciated. A look through early city directories might identify the company in question. If you wish, you can email me a photo of the bottle to my email address, which is listed on the lower right hand corner of any page on this site. I recently bought a Arrowhead Los Angeles 5 gallon water bottle that is covered with over little arrowheads - very cool looking.

My problem is the makers mark on the bottom.

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The only F inside of a shield I could find is Federal Glass Company- it started in and the shield is different. Any help with this makers mark would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps someone will land on this page and pass along some good info for us!

Besides, Fenton was basically an art glass company and did not make 5-gallon water bottles.

still variants? Remarkably!

Peter, thanks for the clarification. From all accounts, they used that trademark on tableware including shot glasses, tumblers, etc. Perhaps someone will find more info to solve this mystery! Just found a amber whisky bottle with these marks on the bottom 68with a f in a octagonD And a 43 at the end.

Is the 43 the year of the bottle? Any info would be great. Love old bottles with histories. The D is a distiller identification number. Hi-Your site is amazing and extensive, however, I am not able to find a mark on an antique glass I have.

It has a bee with 3 wings and the letters H, I, G in each of the wings. Any infirmation would be appreciated. Hi Susan, That would be J.

Higbee Glass Company John B. Higbee Glass Company. I have apparently found an old Hiram Walker 4oz amber machine-made comfort flask with threaded cap and seal. On the bottom, it has crown emblem with a Trade W mark in the middle. jpg just with blank panels under the crown emblem and a different neck. Would it most likely have contained Canadian Club whiskey?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could put our link on your site. Contact me for logos you can also use if you wish. com was created to help people who like to dig for old bottles and do metal detecting find buddies in their state and other states across the USA, to share their passion with.

Join FindADiggingBuddy. Put your cell phone down and pick up a shovel or metal detector! That mark was used until the mids. However, I would say that base markings did not become really common until the late s - early s.

Glass bottle vintage

And, some types of bottles are more likely to bear embossed markings on the base, such as beer, whiskey and soda bottles. I love this site. I am looking up a bottle with the marking Ha on the bottom but you page 3 letters E to L ends at G. Page four picks up with Letter M. Any way I can browse bottles from the H list? Thanks in advance. Hopefully everything will be OK now.

Thanks alot for letting me know!! Hello Thank you for all the great information! Just thought you should know the link to dairyantiques. com is no longer valid - apparently, the site no longer exists.

Hello Aj, Thank you very much for the good words about this site, and the advisory! I have edited the text and inserted a link to an archived version of the dairyantiques. Hopefully it will work OK. If it fails to load, the Wayback Machine site can be searched for other dates the site was saved, as far back as Can anyone please identify it?

They were made over many years, and the graphic on the base is supposed to be a boar, although in some cases it is hard to tell what it really looks like! Hi, I found a clear glass bottle with an embossed ship scene on it in Cape Cod MA an was looking for info on it as I searched for hours and for hours and found none. Thank you in advance for anything you know.

Their trademark is actually supposed to have a larger W over a smaller T inside an inverted triangle, but on some bottles it is very hard to decipher. Please check out my page on Whitall Tatum. best regards, David. Hi there, I was given a purple bottle with the markings of W. on the bottom which I now know is Whitall Tatum.

But them under that is the numberthe letter A and the letters U. I also read that many glass bottles get irradiated to get the purple color and this bottle is very dark purple.

I would appreciate any help you can give me with this, thanks in advance!! There are many purple glass bottles showing up on and other internet sites, as well as local flea markets and antique malls around the United States. Hi David, thank you so much for your quick response!

  Jul 25, - Explore Sharon Antoniak's board "Vintage Glass Bottles", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about glass bottles, vintage bottles, glass pins Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website! The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency within the U.S. Department of the Interior, administers and manages over million surface acres of America's public lands, located primarily in 11 Western States and Alaska Urine Specimen Bottle Vintage Embossed Glass NOS Never Been Used 6oz cc. $ Was: $ Free shipping. or Best Offer. SPONSORED. Vintage Oil Vinegar Cruet/Bottle w/ Stopper Clear Glass Floral Flower Painted. $ $ shipping. or Best Offer. SPONSORED

Quick question, should I assume that once these bottles are nuked that they lose any value they may have, if they have any value at all? Thanks, Pamela. Pamela, you may get a range of answers to that question, but I consider them to have about the same value as they did when clear. For instance, many unembossed clear bottles no markings whatsoever of the ss era are irradiated because the nukers know the glass dates from the time period when manganese was used for decoloration, and the glass will turn purple.

Serious experienced bottle collectors may scorn paying a price above the clear counterpart. Others may be happy to pay more for irradiated glass. The top still works! It has OWENS stamped on 2 sides of the bottle, nothing on the third side or the bottom.

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Any idea the date of this? Amy, I can only pass along a guess. probably sometime in the s or s. Hi David,I just found 2 flask bottles. one with the cork still in it. One has B on left side and a 2 on the right side of the bottom. The other has a 3 on right side. Both say half pint above full measure on the heel. Any idea on maker or date? I have a whiskey bottle shaped just like a light bulb. I am having a difficult time identifying a bottle I have. Its in the shape of a soda bottle.

Heavy, unique design with a circle in front that says Bob-lo, with the words trademark reg underneath. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Is it the Southern Glass Co. It appears, from the other symbols, to be an Owens-Illinois bottle since it has the diamond and a number to the left and right. Any idea what it held originally? They evidently had Owens-Illinois make large quantities of bottles and jars for them, with the scales image on the base.

The jar you are describing sounds like it might be a salve jar, or perhaps it held one of any number of different kinds of pharmaceutical products. On his property we found a heap of buried bottles. We have 2 clear glass bottles in 2 different sizes. Makers symbol. Im assuming the bottles were made in Melbourne VICTORIA. Were the bottles made in Australia for long? R they of any worth? Hi Allison, I am sure the Watkins company has distributed their products throughout the world, and your bottle proves they had glass bottles made specifically for them in Australia, but unfortunately I have no info on that bottle or when it was made.

Perhaps someone from Australia who collects these types of bottles might have more background information for us. Thank you for writing! I have a bottle that reminds me of a perfume bottle. It has rings I guess you could call them around the entire thing besides a circle near the top maybe where a label goes.

Hi Kelly, If you can email me a photo of the bottle, and a closeup of the base markings, perhaps I can help. No guarantees, though! My address is listed on the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Begging for help here, found a small glass bottle in a wash at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona.

USA is stamped at the bottom. Any ideas? Pictures here: [Invalid Link - deleted by administrator].

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I found a cobalt blue bottle bottom, washed up on the beach. What remains is rectangular in shape, approx 2. There is a 3 in the middle of the bottom. Along the top end there are a few letters that are quite worn down that could say PAT? Followed by June Along the bottom is Made In USA. Any help with the ID of this bottle would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. That is part of a blue SQUIBB bottle. Here is a google keyword search string.

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