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Winter was coming, and the clothes they wore were so thin it felt almost as if they had no clothes on at all. The next morning when the sun rose, Gretel turned to her little brother. We must escape now, today, into the woods! Surely we will find more to eat when we are on our own than what we get here at home.

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We will drop breadcrumbs behind us. If we have to, we can follow the crumbs back home. And so the two of them went off into the woods and left their hard life behind.

They went deeper and deeper into the woods. Gretel was careful to drop one crumb and then after a bit, another. But alas! They looked and looked for any sign of something to eat - an apple tree, pear tree, some nuts on the ground, or even dried-up berries. There was nothing to eat!

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They got hungrier and hungrier. At last, poor Hansel and Gretel knew they must return to their hut or they would surely starve.

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They would just need to find the breadcrumbs and that would lead them home. Yet when they looked for breadcrumbs, there were none to be found - all the breadcrumbs were gone! A bird whooshed up into the air and in its beak was a large crumb.

Hansel and Gretel were struck with grief - the birds must have taken all their breadcrumbs! A wolf howled in the distance.

And so, Hansel, Gretel, and their mother journeyed into the thick-wooded forest. It was as eerie as thick fog on a stormy night: the sky was a dark grey, and the trees were black and gloomy. Luckily, Hansel had remembered to drop the shimmering stones on the ground every few feet - so that they could follow them back on their return home Teen Girl in Sexy Lingerie Fucked Hard after Pussy Lick. k 10min - p. Hanselgrettel. hansel and gretel hansel and grettel hanselgrettel hanselgrettle homemade sperm eating collection hansel and gretal grettel hansel gretel gretal hanselgretel hansel y gretel hanse celibrity spartakus statue compilation hansel grettal big dick Results for: hansel and gretel , videos. Filter results Teen Girl in Sexy Lingerie Fucked Hard after Pussy Lick. k 10min - p. Hanselgrettel. Boyfriend Hard Fucked a Big Boobs Bitch after Squirt & Hard Deepthroat. k min - p. Hoby Buchanon Facefucks Chicks

The sun was setting. Hansel and Gretel were lost and hungry. Now they were scared, too. All she could do was to hug her little brother.

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Each minute it was getting darker and darker. Again, a wolf howled in the distance. All of a sudden, Gretel saw a small light shining far away. Could it be someone's hut this deep in the woods?

The two children sped as fast as they could to the light. When they got closer, they could not believe their eyes!

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If you can imagine - from top to bottom the hut was made all of candy! From its gingerbread roof, with frosting all over the walls, and with candies tucked into the frosting, what a sight to see!

A sharp voice! An old witch!

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Stunned, Gretel could only curtsy. And we are so hungry! Her voice dropped. I'll get something for you to eat. Hansel and Gretel looked at each other in delight.

A fine meal of soup and bread.

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As they licked the last crust of bread and looked around the hut, what the brother and sister saw made their hearts turn cold. Piles and piles of bones in the corners! Yet the two children were very tired, and so they slept.

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The next morning when they woke, Hansel found himself locked in a cage. Every day I will fatten him up. Soon he will make me a fine dinner!

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Indeed, Hansel was well fed and Gretel worked hard all day doing chores for the witch. I will feel how plump you are getting. Hansel held out his finger as he was told.


The witch smiled when she felt how plump he was getting. Soon I will be plump enough and the witch will want to eat me! One night when the witch was sleeping, Gretel had an idea.

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She picked up a bone from one of the piles on the floor and woke her brother. The next morning, he did just that. But still, she could not think of any way they could get out of there.

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The boy will be my dinner tonight, no matter how skinny he is! She must get it very hot. Gretel worked as slowly as she could. Why was the witch looking at her with such a sly smile?

The witch then demonstrates how to do it, but right then Gretel kicks the witch in and cooks her in the oven.

Thus, they live happily ever after, now rich with the gems. So one might ask, where is the sex?

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Eating is the archetype of having sex; thus, the family is actually not hungry for food, but hungry for sex. The fact that the stepmother is dominant over the male in this sex-needy situation indicates that females are in control when the drive for sex takes over. However, behind the beauty of the house, behind the beauty of sex, lives a witch, or the evil female. Just as the witch owns the house, so do women own sexuality. By venturing deeper into the woods, the children are venturing deeper into the new realm of sex.

The bread crumb trail is in a sense their only way back to society, but since the birds- an archetype of sexual freedom because of their ability to fly- eats the trail up, they are now lost, and free, in this forest of sexuality. Not just the archetypes but also the alluded historical events help emphasize the power that women have.

This was a turning point in the revolution; thus, it implies the political power that women can yield against the evil rich. However, by associating this with the fact that bread equals body and sex, the Grimm brothers show that it is not just political power, but sexual power that women such as Gretel can yield.

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The whole story originates from a great famine in medieval history called the Great Famine. During this famine, there were cannibalism, families giving up children, and of course hunger. Whereas everybody else is lacking bread and suffering to the extent of cannibalism, the witch stands out by having tons of bread and living a wealthy life.

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Thus, because of this stark contrast, the witch is ever more enticing to the many hungry people out there; she is like ice-cold soda in the middle of a desert. Of course, taking in the fact that bread symbolizes sex, one Great Famine can say the witch is ever more seductive, and thus her sexual powers are ever stronger. By having men be in helpless situations, the Grimm brothers show how dependent men must rely on women in the domain of sex.

The bone reveals that Hansel is enjoying sex, which is further proven by the fact that he is getting fatter and fatter.

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However, he is in a cage, unable to grapple free and lost in the evil lust of sex, just like any man could be. This is in contrast to Gretel, who remains thin, symbolizing that she has lost enjoyment of this kind of sex. By killing the witch, Gretel in essence frees Hansel from the lust of sex, showing yet again the helplessness of men. By killing the witch intelligently however, it shows how women know their way around sex, whereas men like Hansel have no clue and are hopelessly trapped.

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Just as the witch has power to trap men like Hansel in the cage of sex, so do women have the power to free them from sex, and transform them back to society, as when it was Gretel who called the duck to help transport both of them across the river, signifying renewal. Again, note that Hansel is dependent on Gretel, a woman, for saving him.

Ladies and gentlemen, once in your life I can guarantee that you will enter the realm of sex. You will enter into a new world, full of new pleasures, new excitements, and new knowledge. However good they may seem, please be aware that behind it all is a dirty little witch. So you better watch out. Blogger, 28 Sept.

Brothers, Grimm. com, n. Check out the last work cited. It has a very good Freudian analysis.

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Anyway, have fun reading Hansel and Gretel again! This time, when you read it, you will look at it more differently ever than before.

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