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The main issue being offspring, whether intentional or not, would not likely be healthy. The other issue being more on morality.

Nobody else is likely to approve on these relationships. I am 21 year old boy and my sister is 19 years old. We both love each other and enjoy each other's company.

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I dont know when it had been started but We also sometimes flirt with each other. She is very open mind girl and sometimes changes cloths in front of me.

Our parents are doing government job so they are mostly out of home. From last 2 years I am sexually attracted to her and stare at her many times especially when she wears small clothes or changes the clothes in front of me. She caught me many times and smiles at me. I want to make love with her.

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please Suggest me how to tell her about it. Share Facebook. Guys, Is it normal to enjoy safe sex with own sister if both the brother and sister are adult and happy to do that? Add Opinion. Big10 Xper 2. Yes it sure is one night i stated at my sisters house she's divorced and after her kids were sound asleep in bed she told me to come in the hit tub outside naked with her she's 10 years older than me she starts walking to the hot tub just seeing her big jiggly butt and big thunder thighs i was getting excited we got into pool she had me wrap my legs around her waist she held me and said i miss you do much i said i miss her so much too then she kissed me she also says im her baby and i said your baby loves you do much i was excited blood pressure was through the roof i couldn't believe my big sister is holding me in the hot tub then she told me to stick my tounge out so i did and we started deep deep kissing we made out for almost an hour then she said lets go to my room and make love it was the best night of my life and were still together her tubes are tied so no babies to worry.

And you just made me almost come.

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That's an incredibly sexy story. Transigence opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. I can't speak to the moral component, but I can tell you that biologically you're playing with fire and it is a crime.

Scroll Down to Read Other Opinions What's Your Opinion? Sign Up Now! What Guys Said annabanana Xper 1. I think that great. I was 23 and my sister was 18 and she had the best body. I started peaking through the door in the shower and watched her when she got out I'll never remember the first time I saw you completely naked what a beautiful shaved vagina I wanted to make love to her since that day. I just never could get up the guts to do it. So many time I'd sneak into her room and steal her panties that she just removed and I loved the way she smelled there was nothing else like it I must of jerked off 's of time with her underwear in my mouth she always smelled fresh she was a beautiful girl.

anonamouss3x Xper 1. but only when I was very young. chickentiikaa Xper 5. uh no and i dont ever entend on doing so. uygargun Xper 5. still see sis cuz whe live alone. you dont care to dm i think. sister many times. in her room mostly. babeeeone Guru. I've seen my older sister naked a few times.

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nudeNhorny I've seen naked by my sister. Show All Show Less. As long as you didn't mean it, it's ok. NightOwl 6K opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Related myTakes. Show All. Texans Can Now Drink Extra Early. Heavy all female and female fronted metal bands!

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Marriage has never ended in divorce. What I believe you need to be saved - for Christians. Faced with an eternity in limbo, Miss Jones requests to be sent back to earth as the embodiment of lust so she can earn her place in Hell instead.

The year-old supermodel is freeing the nipple, filter-free. After posing nude for the glossy's cover, Porizkova shared the unretouched image with her Instagram followers Nigerian Father Of Two Punishes His Wife By Sleeping With Her Younger Sister (Photos) ugochukwu 10 months ago 0 1 You already voted! A Nigerian father of two, Maduakor Wiseman Jesus said that the best way for men to punish their wives if they provoke them is The Blue Lagoon photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more

This erotic film is as thought-provoking as it is hot. Camille, a professor at a religious college, meets Petra, a circus performer, on the street one night. What comes next will challenge Camille's job, her religious convictions, and her very sense of who she is-but in an extremely sexy way.

watch it. This movie, set mostly in San Francisco's Chinatown, is part porn, part heist suspense drama. The movie follows Johnny Wadd on his search for a priceless 13th century Chinese carving known as The Jade Pussycat, which has been stolen from a museum in Japan. The journey to finding the Jade Pussycat involves a lot of sex-filled situations as well, of course, but the movie succeeds so much as a suspense film that Paul Thomas Anderson reportedly recommended that the cast of Boogie Nights see it to prepare for making that film, describing it as being " like Hitchcock doing a porno.

Based on the book of the same name, this movie was filmed in New York City and follows a radio host named Gilly who likes having fun. Sexy fun. She has sexy fun with her husband, Billy. She also has sexy fun with other people, like friends and acquaintances.

And she has that sexy fun in a lot of interesting places, too, like an old-timey ballroom and the top of a moving, double-decker bus. Billed as an erotic film for women, 's Pink Prison was directed by Lisbeth Lynghoft and produced by Puzzy Power. The movie stars Katja Kean as Mila, a photo journalist who, on a bet from her publisher, breaks into a men's prison trying to snag an interview with its mysterious warden. InReel People hit the porn world and changed the game as the first major pornographic film to feature sex between professional porn stars and amateurs.

This led to the launch of the "Pro-Am" genre and the film is seen as paving the way for the reality porn genre, too. One of the few porn movies in the western genre, 's A Dirty Western is, well, pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Orgies and other displays of lust in the wild west make up the plot of this pornographic classic from the Golden Age. If you have an irreverent side and a love for classic animation, then Once Upon a Girl might just tickle your fancy. The movie mixes live action and animation from actual Walt Disney and Hanna-Barbera animators, at that and was billed as "bedtime stories for grownups.

Sometimes, learning is sexy. Case-in-point: The Bend Over Boyfriend series, produced by sex toy company Good Vibrations in the 90s. The sex education video series focused on best practices for pegging-a sex act in which a woman penetrates a man's anus with a strap-on dildo.

The first video in the series became a best-seller and something of a classic in its own right.

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Sometimes, in porn, a simple premise is a perfect premise. In 's High Test Girlssix women run a gas station together and pass the time by having sex with customers who are waiting to have their cars filled with gas.

Bill Harrison stars in this classic as a construction worker who witnesses a car accident and then goes through the victim's purse you know, as you dowhere he discovers an invitation to a club called Bijou. As you might expect, this sets him out on a sexy adventure.

This porn has a very porn plot: A wealthy, married New York heiress named Pauline sets out on an adventure of sexual discovery and exploration involving sexy times with several different people.

Released inthis gay pornographic horror film is based on the mainstream hit, Scream. And yes-it's as fun as it sounds.

Doris Wishman actually directed this softcore sexploitation film, but she was credited as Louis Silverman at the time. Fair warning: The plot is weird. In the movie, a man with a very bad gambling problem loses everything in a game of Gin Rummy of all things and ends up agreeing to give his debtor a night with his teenage daughter in exchange for wiping the slate clean these kinds of problematic plot setups were pretty standard in sexploitation films of the period, sadly.

The night that ensues gets increasingly strange and there's even a twist ending. It follows a young man as he leaves a monastery to pursue his first gay relationship. Come for the history-making scenes, stay for how extremely hot it is. This Swedish pornographic thriller yep, all of those things was released in and, while it's a classic in the genre, it also comes with a big trigger warning for rape for modern audiences.

The second film in Tim Kincaid's better known in the industry as Joe Gage "Working Man Trilogy" of gay pornographic films, El Paso Wrecking Corp. stars Richard Locke and Fred Halsted. This movie is a little of everything-seriously, Wikipedia describes it as a "West German hardcore costume drama-sex comedy.

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wie sie wirklich war - 1. Teil, this movie actually has literary roots. It's based on an anonymously penned Austrian novel called Josephine Mutzenbacher, which focused on the life of a fictional Viennese courtesan.

The vulva is the part of your genitals on the outside of your body - your labia, clitoris, vaginal opening, and the opening to the urethra (the hole you pee out of). While vaginas are just one part of the vulva, many people say "vagina" when they really mean the vulva. But the vulva

In the movie version which was pretty groundbreaking in its incorporation of comedy amid the hardcore scenesJosefine is a Viennese teen who undergoes a major sexual awakening after losing her virginity to her neighbor's lover you know, as you do in porn that includes a relationship with her stepfather following her mother's unexpected death and, eventually, a career as a prostitute.

A plot doesn't have to be complicated to be good, and that's more true in porn than probably any other genre around. This '90s classic emphasis on the '90s is about an Italian woman named Moana who embarks on a personal quest to improve her sex life and you have to respect a woman who knows exactly what her goals are and goes for them.

In the movie, Sandra learns that no amount of money can buy satisfaction-but that doesn't stop her from trying to find it with several of her costars while filming her first movie.

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In this movie, a couple visits a sex therapist for help finding the elusive and magical inat least G-spot. The movie stars Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems, and Annette Haven and is considered a classic among porn aficionados.

Flashpointstarring legendary porn actress Jenna Jameson, was released in and it remains unique in the porn world thanks to its massive budget and impressive special effects and action sequences.

Hd fuck sister image

The plot? Jenna plays a firefighter who's habitually hot in more ways than one. Here's another '70s classic from back when plot and porn were much more linked than they are today.

We were Fuck buddies for many years, mom had her put on birth control when she was caught with boys the first time back in '79 so we never ever used condoms and I never pulled out, not like at age 12 I even knew what a condom was. We still get together when we can and enjoy a good fuck to this day but not as much as we used to, I miss those days The Naked Girls of Naturally Naked Nudes (Video ) photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more I used to share a bathroom with my sister and she was always naked. I didn't think much of it after you see it so much you kinda get used to it lol. I think if I had a brother and I saw him naked I would be horrified we don't have the same parts and it would be real awkward

In The Ultimate Pleasurean unhappily married couple jet to Vegas to indulge in their hedonistic sides when the husband finds a suitcase full of money in the back of his taxi. This smoking hot classic takes viewers inside the sexual fantasies of several women, from a bored housewife and a lady boss businesswoman to an older woman and a curious teenager, touching on as many parts of the female sexual spectrum as you could expect a movie from to do.

This classic is basically a who's who of early '70s porn actresses. The movie is a series of sexy, sexy vignettes and the film's narrator acts as our tour guide on the erotic adventure quest.

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Yes, please. If you love a good porno parody, then The Xterminator deserves a spot on your personal watch list.

Image of Sex (Video ) official sites, and other sites with posters, videos, photos and more Latest & Popular Photo Galleries - Explore trending photos & unseen picture galleries of bollywood, Hollywood, sports & other popular topics at Blue Movie. Constantin Film. Andy Warhol's Blue Movie was a game-changer: The movie was the first pornographic movie depicting explicit sex to get a wide theatrical release in the United

If it weren't evident from the title and DVD cover, this movie is a direct riff on 's The Terminatorbut instead of being a futuristic robot with a one-track mind for murder and destruction, the lead is a futuristic robot with a one-track mind for vintage'80s bangfests. This South Korean film, set in the '30s, follows two women: a wealthy, titled young woman, and the handmaiden who's hired for her-but said handmaiden is an undercover agent, working with a count to manipulate her wealthy boss.

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Things go very awry and get very sexy when the handmaiden falls in love with the woman she's meant to be plotting against. This super hot movie whose title translates to Anissa Kate, The Widow f ocuses on a woman named Anissa who inherits her late husband's financial empire and is forced to contend with a businessman and his secretary, who are looking for every opportunity to take advantage of her.

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Spoiler alert: Anissa is not a submissive person. A reviewer called this flick "a playful, funny and beautifully made film for grownups, a celebration of carnality and earthly delights.

Movie Explained in Hindi - Cruel Intentions (1999) - Full Movie Explanation - Ending Explained

This movie absolutely cleaned up at AVN American Adult News this year. This feature film is the definition of erotic art. A story of cheating, intense passion, and the ways people react when their fundamental views of the world are challenged, this takes everything you love about drama mixed with the sensuality of a great porn movie. From feminist porn director Petra Joy, A Taste of Joy features a series of three vignettes that turn, in her words, "existing porn stereotypes upside down.

Loosely based on Last Tango in Paristhis flick is about a woman who rents out a secret apartment to escape her fiance, and ends up having an affair. The movie won The Feminist Porn Awards ' prize for "Most Arousing Adaptation," and was lauded for its "haunting, explicit sex scenes" and "emotionally rich performances.

Sexy researcher Carol Sharp comes to an ancient European castle to explore its history, one that turns out to be pretty darn erotic. There, she can't help but to explore her own desires as well.

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This skin flick takes a classic plot device of the genre-a woman recounting her past sexual encounters-and weaves in elements of Alfred Hitchcock's Psychojust for good measure. An eccentric wealthy man dying of a mysterious illness. A young socialite.

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A plan for seduction. It's the kind of plot that's just out there enough to be kind of amazing. Considered by many porn aficionados to be one of the best adult films ever made, this ambitious undertaking was shot on 35mm film by pornographic actor-turned-director John Stagliano.

The movie won 10 AVN awards and even spawned a critically-acclaimed stage show in Vegas. The final installment in the Pink Velvet trilogy is widely considered one of the best lesbian adult films of recent years and is praised for its sensual love scenes, which feature real female orgasms. If you like your porn with an undercurrent of thriller-esque drama, Half His Age might be for you.

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