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In the clip above Pokimane can be heard pleading with Corpse not to kill her, only to end up teasing him. Their light-hearted banter led to several reactions from fans online, as they responded to Corpse's blunt shut down of Pokimane. there's nothing I felt harder this year than corpse telling pokimane to shut the fuck up. From hilarious moments to big-brain plays, Corpse Husband certainly never fails to make his fans' day every time he logs on to stream.

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Modified 07 Dec Feature. there's nothing I felt harder this year than corpse telling pokimane to shut the fuck up - Alabaster Albatross Lmn8stand December 6, See, this statement is complete bullshit as I am sure the topic-creator would agree with.

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There is no black and white. Why would someone look up to someone just because they happen to be born with the same skin tone? I believe you can.

  Black people: Shut the fuck up already, no one wants to hear you anymore. Shut the fuck up about EVERYTHING. Shut up about racist police, and racist courts, and racist everything, and shut up about how blacks have to stick together to make it, and how blacks will get it better under Obama, just SHUT THE FUCK UP   Introducing Siri - The most advanced Siri everAuthor: 8amfilm Ted 2 clip with quote Hey, you shut the fuck up! Yarn is the best search for video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip

We were once a delicacy. With olskoo, Greenlanturn, and ZenGaijin gone. I'm one of the few left. As a white man who lives in Memphis, it always surprises me how few black people are on teh nets.

And yes, I have a "black card" despite being a for real whiteface, no makeup. I used to go to a school with so few white people I used to get paid a quarter to hold my breath to turn my face red, because my brown skinned bretheren were too dark to see the change in their own complexions.

Me playing accordion and singing, even though I'm totally a drummer.

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Indees their were Irish slaves. Killed the Scots enslave the Irish. Not that they managed to do either. And before someone says then he would have even more cause to play the race card, your talking out of your arse.

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The simple answer to this thread, get rid of the idiots that still use racial slur in the states, and people wont have cause to be offended. Also the people that are equaily racist by calling you a cracker are just as bad.

And you should challenge them about being racist also. While I wouldn't say it at cunty as the topic starter, I actually kinda-sorta agree. At least with the following part:.

And like someone else said, it's sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you keep casting yourself as the victim then that's all your ever going to be. The truth is, some people LIKE having that role, as fucked up as it sounds. It imbues them with a sense of self-righteousness. Even though they rail against it, they relish the position just for the fact that it gives them something to rail against.

I mean, we can all come up with excuses as to why we don't succeed the way we want to, but placing the blame on everyone but yourself is some bullshit. True, there are those who oppress and those who are oppressed, but the only way the oppressed will ever get anywhere is if they just say "fuck the haters" and go carve their own path regardless of the all troubles the beset them. Now THAT is how you really prove you're not second-class to anyone.

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Well you've changed it a bit their, you've gone from people complaining in general, to people complaining they cant find a job. And their right to some extent. Job descrimination dose exist believe it or not. But why should you care if people complain instead of doing anything. Dosnt effect your life and job prospects. Its not as if you can get a job by complaining you havnt got one. Also about challenging racism in general, it has to be done, otherwise it will continue. Slavery and explotation would be even more common in the western world if people just accepted it.

So be glad your mom cant just sell you :. Thats danm right, and thats why you look later in life at people who thought they were "too cool for school" when their getting no where, and make sure you dont make the same mistake they did. People like you will be too stupid to understand that race doesn't determine personality.

I say that you should just be a normal person, shut the fuck up about stuff that doesn't affect you, and learn the definition of "race" before you make judgments on the entire people under that category. CLICK THE FRIGGIN SIG, AYE? If you can't understand like the topic starter and the majority of the responders that, just because I or another man or woman was born with brown skin, we don't act a certain way because of our skin color, then you are a complete idiot.

The science you so often toot your horn with would agree; characteristics such as laziness, stupidity, etc. are not caused by skin color, but by one's mindset. Thats a lot to take. So this thread was started with races who put themselves as a victim, gradually become the victim, and take adventage of society that supports the victim. AND SUDDENLY There was talk about the circle of poverty. Therefore I shall have to formulate multiple opinions in a single post.

As a Dutchmen, my english vocabulary may not reach to its full extent as others here possess, so bear with me.

  I know you have something to say and I know you're eager to say it so I'll get right to the point: Shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear it. Nobody will ever want to hear it. Nobody cares. And the fact that you thought someone might care is honestly baffling to me. I've actually pulled the entire world. Here's a composite of the faces of everybody who wants you to shut the fuck up. It seems   Re: Hey OBAMA, SHUT THE FUCK UP you has-been, poopeating, loser The remnant of Jacob will be among the nations, in the midst of many peoples, like a lion among the beasts of the forest, like a young lion among flocks of sheep, which mauls and mangles as it   A woman excited about arriving in the Big Apple gets a proper New York City welcome! LolAuthor: Freddie Long

First there is the problem about taking abuse of rascism, I have witnessed a sortlike event, there was a Polish Russian Student slacking off during geography class. The teacher pointed out that he had the pay attention.

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Incling the word "alsjeblieft" in his sentence which would be the dutch word for "please". As struck by lightning the kid responded with "You Rascist, I don't have to take this from you. The principal gave him a warning not to abuse his position.

I concluded that behavior - like the kid in this situation - is fueled by spineless people who easely cower in fear of a lawsuit.

People like the Principal and the geo-teacher have a broader vision on society and the world as a whole, they have estimated every ct of the situation and have acted how they should have. Now left to talk about, Immigrants, the eductional system, language gaps, lazyness, the spiral of poverety. Immigrants like the Kid above, and their parents get support from the "OCMW" once they are legeally belgian.

Ayo! Shut the fuck up

So they are provided with minimal housing, water, gas electricity and even some money every month. Not many take advantage of this. Almost every immigrant I know has adapted to our life, keeping cts of there own e. religion, food. Children will always be rebels and tend to defend or offend races.

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Considered normal. The occasional lingual gap is easely solved by evening lessons. And after the language of Dutch AND French Belgium is bi-lingual is controlled by the children. They are blended into the schools.

With only a problem every now and then see above. Lazyness and immigrants. I'm going to be hated now There was a actuality program on TV called "Man-Bijt-Hond" "Man-Bites-Dog" loosly translated it shows alternate news. It still is very interesting news.

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It shows more forgotten topics. And one of the topics would hapen to be immigrants. All of the exotic immigrants could speak French or Dutch or both, with a funny accent ofcourse.

But it struck me when I saw a married couple of Americans. They knew not even a single word Dutch OR French. I won't generalize. But that shows that some people try harder then other. You get a low income. This means you can only afford poor housing and poor quality food. The poor housing will prove to be humid, combined with your lowered resistance of the poor food.

You get sick often. Docters waltz in and out your front door daily. You can no longer attend to anything and the little work you do have doesn't get done. Your family suffers from this. And at a given point so do their grades. So they either have no job later Go to "you lost your job and repeat" OR They get unworthy education.

They are forced to accept a under-paid job.

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Since they have work the government doesn't back them up. Go to "You get a low income" and repeat. The first way of entering it is called "individual blame" meaning "It's your own fault, loser.

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Or you waste far too much money which might not be entirely yours. Congratz, you now have debts.

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Enter the spiral. The second way is called "individual accident" Meaning as much as "It's not your fault, but it affects only you Leaving the significant other with a family to feed.

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Or you are handicapped. The government tries to help you. But its the government that fails, not you. Or General accident.

You are absent from work too long, can't pick up the pace again and are eventually fired. All three are tragic, but daily life for many. The third is called "Society's fault" meaning well that it's society's fault. The society thrives on underpaid people.

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Poor people where practicly raised to be poor. Sad but true, you may now enter the spiral. Wars destroy jobs, so does automatisation, economic crisis and migration. Being jobless. You now get to enter the spiral.

Do you talk about not owning a television? Do you think recycling is a waste of time?

Hey shut the fuck up

Are you rude to waitstaff? Have you ever paid for energy healing? Do you think both major political parties are the same?

A word or phrase that is crude, indecent, and generally rejected by society (e.g. fuck). (vulgar) We're trying to sleep here. Shut the fuck up!Aqui estamos queriendo dormir. ?Callate, carajo! b. callate de una puta vez. A word of phrase used to refer to the second person informal "tu"   Read about Hey (Shut The Fuck Up Boy) by Peter Bjorn and John and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists Hey You! Shut the Fuck Up! - Imgflip. Hey You! Shut the Fuck Up! 2, views 3 upvotes Made by MegaMikoyEX 3 years ago. gordon ramsay stfu shut the fuck up funny. Caption this Meme

Do you interrupt people if their story reminds you of a story about yourself? Did you get, like, no sleep last night? Do you talk about projects you haven't even started? Do you start sentences with "Most people don't know this, but Do you think voting doesn't matter? Do you talk about not being on Facebook? Do you think Don Draper has been dead this entire time? Do you start sentences with "I'm not racist, but

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