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Disclaimer: I've proofread some of T. G' books. Thank you for your suggestions! Among many TG themes, cross-dressing, feminization, breast enlargement are probably my least favorite.

So some of the books I see there are not my cup of tea. I think I read "Her Husband The Cheerleader" and I didn't like it? I can't remember! I have 1. I especially like feminization, and breast enlargement, so my tastes probably affected my recommendations. Maybe you'd like Lift Like A Girl boys become the weaker sexor Possessed straight guy becomes obsessed with having a babyor Trapped in a Teen Girl's Fantasy Novel like it says; and trying to avoid witches and lusty werewolves.

But I think it's too hard to recommend books for other people, so I'll leave it at that. Sorry if I sounded like I'm trying to advertise the books. No problem :D. Yes I certainly see the value in their work! There are multiple thematics, many well-written books.

But most of them are different from what I like! If you're curious about what I like, the first section of my Hall of Fame is about that!

It's the first section so that people can check if we have similar tastes to mine: if they do, they'll probably love this huge list! I'm keeping my promise to keep this journal ated as I discover new artists and stories! I've added 3 videogames:. Thanks for sharing all your hard work.

Why don't you start a new list? That way you keep all the content from this one. I prefer to delete some content to make space to new one, so that I add it only if it really deserves it!

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Plus, this journal is very up on search engines right now, it would be a mess to start all over! And maybe I've read too many stories, but honestly I struggle to find great new stuff! I'm surprised Surody doesn't appear in your list :o. HALL OF FAME: The Best Gender Bender Content IMHO Jan 4, 37 min read.

Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. By LenioTG. My gallery. Years of scavenging the web for awesome TG content, 9 hours to systematically organize it. But I think it's worth it! It's worth it because I wanted to congratulate my favorite artists, to suggest you wonderful people more content you'd probably like if you're watching me and to leave a legacy of my TG tastes, to ate as soon as I'll discover new artists.

Let's consider this as a "Hall Of Fame" of the best TG Gender Bender, Body Swap, Magical And Sci-Fi Transformation, M2F, F2M content you could ever find on the web, a list of "classics" that no one who loves TG content should miss! Of course, these evaluations are highly subjective.

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So, I'm going to tell you what I like, and what I don't, so that you'll understand if it would be worth it for you to scroll this huge list! Identity theft and mild mind control. Tricked and " Forced " transformations. I like well-implemented " Voluntary" too. Petite women. Psychological character development. Long stories, because they give you the time to immerse into their narration universe. Submissive female and dominant male after the transformations. Racial and cultural changes.

Focus on the Female to Male transformation too. What I Don't Particularly Like:. Real photo. continuously changing person completely ruins the narration. I prefer smart women. Huge male equipment. Unrealistic and disturbing. Realistic transformations and hormonal treatments. Hot scenes as soon as the transformation occurs.

Multiple transformations. Most of the time I found them confusing. I'm more into the "stuck" endings, and possessions feel more like a temporary situation, that forces another still there human being into a "soul prison". Age progression. Too many charactersor too long background.

Or you're a great writer, and you can handle to describe many characters very well in a long story, or it's better if you just focus on the main ones, IMHO, otherwise, the result will be a boring list of strangers. The same thought is for too long backgrounds: or there's a reason why you're spending three whole chapters explaining how that particular "new" magician order works, or it's just another story in that story, that I don't want to read.

Bad Boy to Good GirlCaughtPunishment. Short stories. You've not even started savoring them, that they're already over. This is why you won't find any captions or one-page-transformations here. CrossdressingShemale and Sissy stories.

Virtual Reality. I usually prefer transformations that are "real" in their own narrative universe.

What Media Have I Included On My List? Comics DeviantArt Other Websites Hentai Videos Standard Movies "Hot" Videos Japanese Movies Youtube Videos Videogames Hall Of Fame Ranked Other High-Quality Games Text Stories Hall Of Fame Ranked Other High-Quality Text Stories Is this a list of all the TG content I have found around?

I've liked TG content for as long as I can remember, and I want to share with you these great stories I've had the luck to find. I would have really liked to find a list like this one some years ago. To all the artists I'm going to list I wanna say " thank you! If you're a great artist, but I've not put you on my list, there's a big chance I still don't know you, or that I've just not given your work the time it deserves.

Since we're on DeviantArt, I'll start from here.

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I would find it unpleasant to make a classification, so I'll just list my favorite artists in alphabetical order. Dovelace DovSherman : Time Bimbo. Dynamoob : Ideal Partner emoryahlberg : Jack and Jill Superb attention to detail and to render art, long stories with a curated narrative: highly suggested. hollydunn The best part of his work is from some years ago: I hope he'll come back. He had also written some text stories. Favorite story: Virtual World. Bonus stories: Semester aBroad; The Heir; The Salesman; The Good Son; The Impersonator; Chaz; Who Am I Know?

InfinitySign Favorite story: Best Of Friends. Favorite stories: Infinite Stories; Daddy's Prom; I'm A Girl Now; Reality Reversed; A Merry Gift. GenuineGenyun : Tantric Vengeance. CBlack jericho75 It was thanks to her work that I had first encountered TG comics. Even if she often uses and old-looking graphic, her stories are probably the best ones I've ever seen in a comic.

They're also very long, with remarkable character development. Favorite story: A Second Chance. lilacwren Lilac Wren has added English subtitles on a lot of "hot" foreign videos, transforming them into original TG stories.

She has recently realized some text stories and comics. Favorite story: Hero Transformed. meowwithme His drawings are just wonderful! Favorite story: My Little Sister, Amy. Melissa Melissa has a simple yet effective style! For much time she's been the only reason I've continued to come on DeviantArt, just to see the daily page of one of her stories.

Favorite story: An Innocent Game. KesharaNarme Favorite story: Ladyship. MrPhoenyxx He's the reason why I'm here today: indeed, I've signed up on DeviantArt just to congratulate him on his work! He mostly realizes "Bimbo" content.

Sexy Photos Hall Of Fame ated their cover photo. March 31, . Like Comment Share @cumhalloffame 27/12/ The Celebrity Party Tricks Hall of Fame IN Huddersfield in , the Sex Pistols held a Christmas party for the children of striking firefighters. A documentary about this party and the extraordinary times in which it occurred, when the band were hounded from pillar to post and banned in most towns, will be shown on BBC 4 at 10pm on Boxing Day

Favorite story: Buddy TG. SapphireFoxx He actually has a websitewhere he publishes a lot of comics and quality animations with dubbing! Favorite story: Halloween Switch.

Bonus stories: Different Perspectives; Shifting Roommates; Becoming A Bridesmaid; Fractured; Stealing From Sis; Too Good To Put Down; Undercover Agent; Corporate Takeover; Halloween's Game; Mommy Makeover; The Date; One Sexy Error; Fun In The Sun.

SatinMinions : Lighter Chains sturkwurk Favorite story: The Ressurection Of Ms Inspyre. TGedNathan : Trading Our Genders TGTrinity When I think about 3D renders quality, I don't know anyone who's above TGTrinity!

He has also gifted us some nice text stories, but he's known for his awesome comics. Favorite story: My Wife's Twin.

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TinyThea She realizes "Shrink" and "Grow" stories too. Favorite story: Back. tseudo-nimm : The Anniversary Gift. typewriter17 He's probably the soul of our community, and I deeply trust his feedback! Typewriter has realized a lot of stories using "The Sims" in the last years.

Favorite story: The Fairy Bracelet.

artists about sex pistols (noel gallagher, kurt cobain, peter hook,etc)

vipcaptions Favorite story: The Costume 2. areg5 He makes TG Age Regression content, without any eroticism, just for art. He always has a new cool idea, and his constancy is very laudable. He has also made some "RAGS" games in the past. Bonus stories: An Unexpected Way To Spend A Saturday; In Her Panties; Evil Still, Evil Girlfriend; My Date With Emily.

Favorite story: Office. Bonus stories: Wedding; The Beach; Schoolgirl To Succubus; The Linking Spell; Becoming; The Mirror; The Chamber. Atomics: Cosmomagician Benoit Feroumont: Gisele Et Beatrice. Captain Blue: Beggars Can't Be Choosers commotion The John Palmer Chronicles Dark Mirage: Change of Rules Flinters: Bed Hopping Ganseki Club: Succubus Again.

Goldendawn Favorite story: The Body Suit. Hevn: Body Thief. Houkuko: Greener Grasses Ian Samson: Empathy. Icolan Favorite story: Substitute. Bonus stories: Accessory; Host; Second Childhood; Kittyhawk: Out Of Town.

Jetti: Bi-Curious JoeForest He has also realized some TG games! Favorite story: Lost Property.

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Linkartoon: Hot Valentine's Day Lobst: A Slightly Different Role. Nakedfun: Time To Kill Nobody In Particular: Reciprocal Corroboration. Seer Coltz Favorite story: The Wish. Siegh Favorite story: Body Transfer. yhhseap: Swappin Skin Stick.

Double Dare. Turned Into A Breast Milk Farm By An Unreasonable Vampire. Bachelor Hina Doll Curse. We Like It Hot. April Fool's. TSF Monogatari. Devil Change. That Girl's A Mad Scientist. Please Tell Me JK. Happy Present. Little Girl 5. The Incident. Playtime With A Sexy Doll. Love Marmot. Brain Drain. Hiroshi's Strange Love. K's Vice. I'm not rating artists here, but how much their work matches my tastes! The best place where to find most of these games is F95zone, however, I'm going to post links mostly from TFGamesSite, since it's focused on our community.

Student Transfer Ren'Py - To call this a game would be an understatement. You need the walkthrough, because it's full of so many storylines that you couldn't count! The community makes it even better, because it's easy to create a separate story with their engine.

Browse Whooty Hall of Fame #1: Sexy Pattycake porn picture gallery by bigsombrero to see hottest pattycake, patty cake, sexy pattycake, whooty, whootys, pawg, white asses, teen models, white girls, internet models sex images Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Hall Of Fame GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY Vcity Hall Of Fame Pics & Videos Posted by Amateurs: Posts - The hottest of the hottests amateur pics and videos since day 1. Only posts with an insane number of likes Page 1 of

Interns Of Ecstasy Island Ren'Py - It has a lot of text, but you shouldn't miss any! You're going to work on a boat for your holidays, but then you'll slowly be transformed into a petite cute Asian girl, who will assume a completely different identity for the rest of her travel. Chemical Subservience RPGM - I don't usually play RPGM games, because they're too slow.

This time it was definitely worth it! You go to college, and to earn something you undergo some experiments, that will turn you into a very beautiful teenager, who'll have to do some works to survive. Sadly, it's been abandoned. Hard Times In Hornstown HTML with renders - This is not a game: this is a whole universe! You'll undergo a pharmaceutical trial for some money, that will turn you into a female, but then there's a whole world to explore.

Magical Camp RPGM - You have to disguise as a woman, if you want to come back to Earth one day, but the whole universe is committed to transforming you, piece by piece.

Get ready to dive into this wonderful universe, with patience and attention! Book Of Lust Unity - This game has many furry elements.

You are Jake, a guy who receives a magic spell book from a succubus, and will slowly learn how to use it becoming more powerful, until the final objective: body swap. Dream Therapy HTML with renders - The mother of your future wife wants to make you submissive, so your therapy will try to achieve that with the help of some sessions where you'll be a beautiful redhead.

Unplanned HTML - This game is just wonderful! It's too focused on "Pregnancy" fetish, and "Unplanned 2" is unplayable for that. But the first part is just great. You have an intimate moment with your wife at a holy site, and you two wake up with switched genitals. She always wants to have you, and while you slowly become weaker and more feminine, she gets what she wants. My Girlfriend Alice HTML - Your girlfriend would like to transform you into a girl for her kink.

Depending on how you'll behave, your transformation will be different.

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Academy HTML - You're admitted to an elite university, where they'll be anything in their power to corrupt you, after your transformation. The Making Of A Slut HTML - You go to college, where you're surrounded by weird females whose only purpose in life is to transform you.

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That, if you're interested in their rewards. The Repurposing Center HTML - You're kidnapped by some strangers in a black van, then you'll have to be trained to finally be sold at an auction. The training parts, the works and the voluntary shrinking are just great!

Accidental Woman HTML - This game is still at his beginning, but the first scenes are great, together with the game engine, and its author he says is working 12 hours a day to complete it.

Just not everything goes as planned! My New Home HTML - You'll slowly turn into a little girl, while your girlfriend assists you. Who Wanna Be A Bimbo? HTML with images - I've played this many times, because each time you'll have a different result! It has an image system built in. You'll answer many questions, like at "The Billionaire", but each time you'll make a mistake, you'll slowly be transformed into a female.

In the settings you can specify which transformations you like the most. The Sissy Girlfriend Experiment HTML - Your girlfriend is a dominant strong woman who tries to transform you into his "girl friend". Betrayed Ren'Py Two Sides Unity The Collar HTML - Your housemate puts a collar on you: it will transform you into a female, but, according to your choices, your story may vary.

Booth Babe HTML - You're tricked to accept the job of a "Booth Babe". Chocker Change HTML - Someday your favorite hooker decides to let you experience what she usually feels, thanks to a choker. Based on how you'll behave, you'll become a different type of hooker. Riley's Magic Swap RPGM - You'll be Riley, a girl who once was a man, before the encounter with an evil magician. Girlfriend HTML - You wake up in the body of a woman.

Fanucci's Amazing Pizza HTML with renders - You'll work for a pizza restaurant, receiving transformations for each order. There's F2M too. Betrayed The Man Test The Broken Sensor Bound By Blood Re-Education Big Brother The Art Of Espionage Mystery Box The Things We Do For Love Conditions Maid In Training High Jinx! Press-Switch Calibration Error Reborn App Pact With A Witch Girl Life Newlife The Proteus Effect The eWardrobe X-Change Concubine Collared Prey Secret Garden Transformed In Wonderland Misadventures At The Mall One Week A Milf VIDEOS.

Standard movies are probably the place where you've first seen body swap etc. I'll use IMDb links. This is the category where my "job" of selecting the best of the best was minor, because there's not that much content around. Dating The Enemy Switch Scooby-Doo Hot Chick Boygirl The Swap Se Eu Fosse Voce Dr.

MissaX - Favorite story: Sister Swap no link. Bonus stories: Bromance III, IV and V; Dr. Jekyll's Sensual Transformation; Feminine Side; He Possessed His Stripper Girlfriend; He Possessed The Babysitter; Possessed Son; The Jenner Effect; Weresex; The Mother Experience I and II; Tit For Tat; T33nage Boy Possessed Her II; Change Alien Panties I and II; Agent Switch; Private Message; Boy Possesses Nanny; Inside My Sister.

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lilacwren - Stories: Bless In Disguise; Leave The Driving To Us; Bait And Switch; Toxic TG; Swap House; Maid To Order; Manipulating My Wife. Tessa Fantasies - Favorite story: Irony Of Life: Transformation Of Lazy Guy Into Hot Woman. Tranisa - They are often focused on "Crossdressing", "Realistic Transformation" and "Shemale", but they're very good at it. Favorite story: Witch Transformation Club. Mandy Flores - Favorite story: Possession Spell Trilogy.

XXX Multimedia - Favorite story: How To Save A Marriage Body Swap With Your Wife. Clips4sale - This is a whole store with a lot of content, where there's the "Gender Transformation" tag. Female POV Videos - There are thousands of FPOV videos around the web.

Bonus tip: if you like a male POV video, you could just rotate it by , either with VLC, or directly using Windows Settings.

A Place for Pure Laughter. Funny - Original hall of fame gary payton jason kidd. Hall Of Fame Lol GIF by NBA. Dimensions: x Size: KB. Frames: 16 4k porn sphia hall porn, Ass, Blowjob, Amateur, Big Tits, Anal, Big Cock, Blonde, HD, American, Brunette, Babe, Hardcore, Big Ass, Black, Cock, Beautiful, Angel, Girl

JAPANESE VIDEOS Alphabetical Order Japanese people really love gender bender, even if sometimes their tastes are a little different from the "Occidental" ones. Here's the list of "Jav" movies that I've really liked. All you need is the code: the first part tells you who has produced that movie, the second one is for identification. I'm going to provide you the "r18" link, a big legal purchase website that is the hub for Jav movies.

DVDES DVDES DVDES DVDES DVDES DVDES GAR This one is great GAR GAR HEYZO Not on r18 IDOL IDOL This one is great IDOL IDOL IDOL IDOL KAWD KAZ This one is my favorite MIDD MIGD RCT This one is great RCT This one is my 2nd favorite SDMS This one is great SSR STAR YOUTUBE VIDEOS My Taste Ranking Three Degrees Off Center Production - This has been the most consistent gender bender YouYube channel over the last decade, and the result is a bunch of great content!

They've also realized the movie "Identity Theft" that I've listed above. Favorite story: Never Make A Wish Upon Using Google Translate Bonus stories: Status Change; The Magic Book; Cheerleader Bodyswap; The Possession Ring; The Magic Wash Cloth; The Body Swap Workout; The Magic Remote; The Body Swapper; The Wand Of Change; The Magic Glove.

The Kloons - Maybe it's because the main character is a gorgeous petite redhead, but I just can't help it to love their work!

Favorite story: The Body Swap Office Wren Adams Production - Once her channel was very rich. Then she decided to monetize everything and to stop most of her projects. Favorite story still online: Best Friend Or Girl Friend Hergott Entertainment - Favourite story: Virtual Reality Hot Body Swap Fabricio Castro Fotografia - This is one of my "crossdressing" exceptions.

He turns standard males into females, with clothes and makeup, to make them spend a day as the other genre. Finally, the last media for TG content I know is "text stories", and I have to tell you that maybe it's even my favorite one! Every one of these following stories has entertained me for a lot of time, and it's also nice to read them again.

think only! Something

So, it's the case to say: last, but not least! This time I'll first say the story title, then the author. I really don't know how that's possible that most of these stories have been read less time than mine, even if they're much better: we have to fix this, so I'll suggest them to you! I'll link mostly TGStoryTime and FictionMania, because these two are the websites I've used the most.

Hall of fame sex gif

It's incredible to find stories even from the '90s, that have aged very well: this is the power of novels, after all! Let's go! What's Hot 1 Get ready to CELEBRATE all of these random September holidays! html Good Morning, Lisa Opie, And Other News The News Gazette. Show More Comments Close Comments.

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